Harv Mastilir, Furniture Designer & Woodworker


The drawing board...
Harv Mastalir in his woodshop.

Many people feel intimidated the first time they commission a custom piece of furniture. I try to make the process as simple as possible, and many of my clients have commented that it was an enjoyable experience.

Usually the first or second meeting will take place in your home so that I can see the actual space where the piece will reside. This gives me the necessary visual input so that I can consider the surrounding furniture, colors in the room as well as any architectural details that relate to the design, etc.

I will need to know the specifics of your needs, for example, how many people you want to seat at a dining table or if there are specific items that you want to store in a cabinet and what size they are. We will talk about the furniture you already have, what you like and dislike about it.

Your lifestyle is important to the design as well. Is this a piece for the formal dining room or are you more casual and eat in the kitchen? We will also have to arrive at a workable budget. With all this information in hand, I go to the drawing board.

Our next meeting is with either sketches or a scale drawing. We discuss whether I am on the right track or if I need to shift directions. With your input I can then refine the design. As a designer this is an exciting time. It's a three way conversation between you, myself and the potential piece.

I am confident that I will build a good piece for you. The challenge is to design the piece that you have been dreaming about. When the design is finally approved, I can schedule the project for construction.

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