Harv Mastilir, Furniture Designer & Woodworker

Artist's Statement

Harv Mastalir in his woodshop.

Harv Mastalir has been producing award-winning, custom furniture and accessories since 1981. His work has been shown nationally in galleries and museums. He is a self-taught woodworker and still works alone in his one-man woodshop.

"Furniture is first and foremost functional; it is to be used. It should fit the contours of our lives as well as our bodies. To this end I apply traditional, and frequently ancient construction techniques to contemporary one-of-a-kind designs. My designs are modest. I strive for clean, elegant lines and simplicity, incorporating quiet details and accents to enhance visual vitality."

"I like the way wood looks, feels and smells. It's a responsive material; it can be worked with crude stone implements or finely tuned precision tools. I prefer using North American native species rather than imported exotics. Domestic woods are quite beautiful and using them does not contribute to the destruction of the tropical rain forests."

"For me, woodworking is a continuous exploration of material, form and function. My work reflects this personal inquiry into wood, technique and design."

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